University College Birmingham has completed a successful implementation with Worktribe, the UK Higher Education sector’s leading software platform for research and curriculum management. Worktribe was selected as the best-in-class solution by the University to improve the efficiency and transparency of curriculum management processes and provide a single source of truth for curriculum data.

Jo Reid, Assessment & External Examinations Officer at University College Birmingham, said they were looking to replace a legacy product and needed their new system to offer more reporting capabilities, version control, and approvals in the cloud, rather than relying on email and paper workarounds.  

“Worktribe was a very exciting product to see demonstrated, it was similar to the legacy product we had been using but much more advanced. Everything was easy to understand, and it became apparent that you could start small with the basics of module and programme control and then build on that as you become more familiar with the system. The ability to track curriculum and assessment mapping for programmes will be very useful for our Schools. Worktribe will enable teams to produce reports and manage the curriculum electronically rather than manually as we have been previously.” 

In just four months, University College Birmingham’s Quality Team completed the end-to-end implementation of Worktribe Curriculum. The team were impressed with the implementation process and found staff at Worktribe helpful and knowledgeable. Their team can already see the benefits the platform will offer academics; from a reduction in manual processes to the ability to control and track their curriculum by each School or Department, which will greatly benefit and enhance their reporting processes. Jo went on to add: 

“Giving everyone responsibility for their own modules and programmes will hopefully give academic staff more responsibility and will ensure that the latest versions are being used rather than staff using copies they have on their system which may be out of date.” 

Worktribe COO James Brook said he is delighted with how well the implementation has gone for the team and welcomes University College Birmingham into the Worktribe community:

“Having partnered with over 50 UK HEIs, our implementation process is uniquely tailored to the needs of Worktribe projects, and can deliver major enterprise-wide change in a short period of time and on budget. It’s great to have University College Birmingham join Worktribe, and we look forward to seeing our platform assist and drive their continued digital transformation programme.” 

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