Worktribe Contracts

Worktribe’s contract management software supports higher education administrators and academics to develop and manage all third-party agreements online, together.


Streamline your teamwork.

Coherent workflows from contract request to contract signed ensure contract development is consistent.

Follow pre-defined workflows to ensure all contracts are recorded accurately and linked to projects where appropriate.
Effectively manage contract reviews and approvals online.
Build basic organisation profiles for contract parties.
Get instant notifications and use commenting functionality.

View audit trail of all actions, changes and comments on every contract record.

Keep everything in one place.

Effective file management with version control means you can access contracts and associated files anytime, anywhere.

Securely store and access all documents associated with your contract.
Control visibility of each document to ensure confidentiality.

Drag, drop and preview most common file types in browser.


Easily view updates and changes to documents.

Access an archive of all previously added files, even after a contract has ended.