Worktribe Curriculum.
A single source of truth.

Worktribe is an intuitive cloud-based platform for
collaborative curriculum development and management.


  • Clear, efficient workflows for curriculum development.
  • A single, accessible resource hub.
  • Dynamic publishing to your marketing channels.
  • Seamless integration with student records.
  • Real-time data insights and reporting.
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Streamline your teamwork.

Collaboratively develop and manage programmes and modules through their full lifecycle.

Use workflow to engage people in curriculum design and task management, to ensure people are doing the right thing when it comes to designing and running your curriculum.

A simple, robust approval process with managed user access.

Unlimited users promotes collaboration between all the different parties involved in developing a curriculum; all working from a single data source.


Ensure clear visibility of curriculum reviews and activity that support your offering.

Build, visualise, review and amend your curriculum offering with ease.

Schedule and track key meetings, their attendees, agendas and outcomes during the programme’s lifecycle.

Trust your data.

With everything in one place, you can be sure that your curriculum information is consistent and up to date.


With separate records and workflow for business cases, marketing and the main curriculum, you can ensure version-controlled material is designed for the right audience.

Ensure accountability with a clear activity log and audit trail.

Ensure consistency and quality with configurable validation assistance, making sure you have the right structure and awards for your offering.

Auditable historical data ensures you can meet Competition and Markets Authority (CMA) regulations.

Using the API and subscriptions you can push the most relevant information to your other systems.

Ensure accuracy in your messaging.


Create clear and consistent messaging for targeted marketing of your academic programmes.

Follow a structured workflow to ensure all programme information for marketing is consistent.

Generate programme and module handbooks using our template engine.

Simplify complex programmes with multiple deliveries and pathways using our curriculum map visualiser.

Publish programme information and data directly on digital marketing channels including your website and online prospectus.


Save time.

Our clients have reported that by using Worktribe Curriculum, they have cut around 70% of the administrative preparation and documentation out of their curriculum management processes.

Connect the dots.

A RESTful API makes integration with your existing systems easy and reliable, including student records – allowing for automatic and accurate generation of certificates, supplements and transcripts. Read more

Get data insights.

View and export your data in a number of ways to drill down deeper into your data for BI. Automatically generated curriculum and assessment maps provide an overview of curriculum design and save time.

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