Need some help with REF 2029?


Worktribe REF

Working with universities, we’ve developed a research management product to support you to make the best possible REF submission for your institution.

AutoREF feature optimises your submission instantly.

Use scoring rounds to provide a quality rating, to propose the optimum set of outputs for your submission.

Meets REF requirements.

Auto allocate functionality assists the selection of the best Persons and their Outputs to maximise your score.

Allows seamless management of REF submission with clear workflows and approval routes.

Automatically checks for Open Access compliance.

Cloud-based, user-friendly, accessible anywhere.

Integrates with your existing systems and data sources via an open API.


Providing a single source of truth, with all your data in one place and a clear audit trail of actions.


Worktribe is designed to help and encourage working together. It is user-friendly and intuitive to use.


Worktribe works with the sector to develop best practice and configurable software to meet the evolving challenges of HE administration.

Enrich through configuration

Worktribe believes in a configuration over customisation approach. Allowing you the flexibility to mirror your institution’s unique requirements.