Worktribe Pre-Award

Working with research managers, we’ve developed a research management product specifically for collaborative bid development, costing and submission.


Complete and compliant costing.

Take the stress out of project finances with intuitive costing and pricing tools designed specifically for higher education.


Ensure fEC / TRAC compliant costing of projects.

Automatic costing and overheads specific to your institution.


Access a funder database with in-built pricing rules.

Integrate with your HR systems for accurate staff costing and workload planning.

Empower your academics.

Transparent workflows from project creation to submission, make collaborative bid development consistent and efficient.

In-built optimised and configurable proposal approval paths. 

Simple and clear visibility of projects, their status and next steps.

Generate funder-specific submission reports for key funders.

Advanced budgeting features to support scenario planning.


Create multiple budget scenarios and collaborate with the team via chat bubbles to perfect your bid prior to submission.

Manage internal peer review processes and increase collaborative bid development.

Keep everything in one place.

Effective file management with version control means you can access project files anytime, anywhere.


Securely store and access all files associated with your project.


Drag, drop and preview most common file types in-browser.

Manage metadata including tags, and create custom tags.

Access an archive of all previously added files.

Version control provides a reliable record of documentation and budgetary changes.

Worktribe in action.

Find out how universities across the UK are transforming administration with Worktribe Pre-Award.