HEPI releases new report addressing the “research leadership vacuum” in the UK

– in partnership with Worktribe

In HEPI’s latest report, Professor Matthew Flinders asks what research leadership is and why it matters.

Take a deep dive into Professor Flinders’ report – Research Leadership Matters: Agility, Alignment, Ambition

University College London

Worktribe is pleased to support this report on a crucial topic. The UK faces a genuine research leadership opportunity and a bold new vision could redefine international standards, lever additional resources and attract global talent.

Professor Flinders’ findings go to the core of broader questions concerning talent management, equality and inclusion, and how the UK can retain its science superpower status.

 “Research leadership, as it relates to both self-leadership and team science, is therefore going to be crucial in relation to addressing major societal challenges.  Ensuring that the UK science base is “fit for the future” rather than “fit for the past” presents both a leadership challenge and leadership opportunity.”


– Professor Matthew Flinders, The University of Sheffield

Worktribe COO James Brook said Worktribe’s interest and support for the report stems from the positive impact the findings could have for research in the UK.

“Professor Flinders’ recommendations on research leadership arrived at a pivotal moment for the sector. Whilst progress has been made since the publication of his initial report, there are clearly still areas which require specific and focussed attention as well as considerable investment. In the current climate, how and where this investment happens is fundamental to the continued world-class success of the UK research community – Professor Flinders’ latest recommendations are a spearhead for that direction of travel.”


– James Brook, Worktribe COO