July 2022 release dev illustration


We’re pleased to announce that our July 2022 release is now available.  

This release includes updates to multiple Worktribe Products, focusing on terminology, supporting workflow, visibility of records and supporting users. 

  • Worktribe Curriculum – Enhancements to validation assistance to ensure Programme Specifications are complete along with more flexibility in routing programme reviews.  
  • Worktribe Outputs – Extended the level of control of visilibity of research outputs prior to publication. Along with enhancing the notifications to support users in making their outputs as complete as possible.
  • Worktribe Ethics – Tailoring the terminology in Ethics to promote understanding of what outcome your ethics application has received. Along with more control added to visibility of applications and meetings.

How to find out more 
If you are a Worktribe administrator and want to read more about what’s in this release, go to your relevant Product Forum and check out the release notes. 

Or contact us to find out more about how Worktribe can transform administration at your university through better collaboration, more efficiency and more transparency.