Where Innovation Meets Opportunity: Worktribe Connect 2024’s Best Moments

The Worktribe team welcomed Curriculum and Research users from across the country to Bristol on 11th and 12th June for networking, seminars, and a sneak peek of what’s coming next.

Networking and lively discussions are at the heart of Worktribe Connect. The event featured rotating table groups, encouraging participants to engage with a variety of peers. Seminar chats provided a more focused setting for in-depth conversations on specific topics, while open forums allowed for broader discussions and sharing experience. Whether through structured activities or casual interactions, there was no shortage of opportunities to connect, collaborate, and exchange ideas.

“It’s great hearing about others experience of Worktribe and how they operate. Allocated tables is great for forcing interaction from me so I don’t just talk to my colleague the whole time.”


Steve Alcock, Research Systems Manager at Keele University.

Many were returning delegates, and we also welcomed some new faces.

“I really enjoyed the conference. It was very informative. This was my first time networking with Worktribe colleagues and other institutions, and I found it a positive experience. I’m looking forward to developing these relationships further.”


Caroline Wedley, Student Systems and Services Team Leader at the University of Liverpool.

Jacob Slater, System Specialist at University of Southampton, commented on the importance of networking opportunities;

“Networking with other institutions is vital for a healthy research culture.”

The two days featured a packed agenda filled with insightful sessions and presentations. The event kicked off with Sir Steve West, Vice Chancellor from the University of the West of England – a Worktribe full suite client – taking the stage to share his experiences and insights. Following Steve’s engaging talk, Worktribe CEO Tom Price delivered an exciting presentation on new developments and upcoming features. Tom’s session provided attendees with a glimpse into the future of Worktribe, highlighting innovations designed to enhance user experience and streamline workflows. The morning set the tone for a dynamic and informative event, keeping participants engaged and informed.

“The upcoming new features look exciting and will transform our way of working at Coventry University. Connect is a great place to obtain an overview of upcoming changes and provides a perfect opportunity to easily discuss Worktribe with colleagues from other universities!”


Lizzie Stubbington, Research Systems Consultant at Coventry University.


With a diverse range of sessions, there was something for everyone to dive into. Attendees explored a range of topics tailored to their interests and needs. Sessions covered institutions’ journeys and experiences, offering valuable insights into different paths and strategies. The REF 2029 session, led by Sharon Backes from UKRI, provided crucial updates and best practices. The session on due diligence highlighted the importance in ensuring compliance and mitigating risks. Reaching your destination was another focal point, exploring the impact of project decisions and encouraging fresh perspectives.

Collaboration and knowledge sharing were emphasised as key components of success, with sessions dedicated to showcasing effective partnership strategies.

Additionally, a Curriculum Management breakout session enabled participants to delve into specific aspects of Curriculum development and management. Each session was designed to foster learning, spark discussions, and provide practical takeaways, ensuring that every attendee found something relevant and helpful.

“Networking and hearing others’ experiences with Worktribe is really useful for broadening knowledge and understanding how to get the most out of the system. In addition to the Curriculum session, I found the ‘View from the top’ and ‘Reaching your destination’ sessions particularly brilliant and useful.”


– Kelly Fisher, Head of Quality Enhancement at Bangor University.

A massive thank you to all our fantastic presenters and attendees. Sharing experiences and asking thought-provoking questions is what makes Connect so enriching. We hope you had meaningful conversations and left with new insights to take back to your teams.

We can’t wait to see everyone again next time!

If you aren’t yet part of the Worktribe community – get in touch with the team to find out more.